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Pennie Preset has emerged from the constant need of great looking images designed quickly without having to creating the same or similar look over and over again. Pennie Presets were created by Professional Photographer James Pennie once he realized that he had his own collection of Adobe Lightroom presets that could help others. Some of these very presets were used  in magazine publications such as Ellements, Uncovered, Arsenic, Sultry, Flawless and Super Selected just to name a few.

Sharing is Caring

It would have been very easy to simply keep these presets in house and never share with other photographers. Pennie continued to create beautiful, elegant and simply different presets that would save any Adobe Lightroom user time. What most non-photographer don't realize is that there is far more time spent behind a computer instead of behind the camera. Part of Pennie's goal when he create these presets, was to create useable, simple, fun and time saving presets that could help Lightroom users get images processed faster and photographers back behind the camera faster. We know there are other preset resources for any Lightroom user to choose from so we wanted to ensure you would receive your time and moneys worth.


Professional Photographer  James Pennie

Professional Photographer  James Pennie